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Super Moon today! An Invitation to Dream BIG!

By July 14, 2022July 18th, 2022Plant Medicine Ceremony, Reiki

This morning at 5:47am MT was the exact time of the full, super moon. Super because it was the closest to earth that it will be this year.

The energies that the full moon are facilitating/activating for us is opening the door wide for us to DREAM BIG, to really step into our destiny.

This means asking yourself this question: If time, money, circumstances, age, etc were all irrelevant at this moment,

What do you really want/desire?    What do you really dream of, long for? 

Sit with this today and open to the possibilities of it happening. Get crystal clear on your desire.

Create your intentions and then tap into that energy daily. This full moon supports us with this today and for the next month.

  • Is it an inspirational job, to be part of a loving, caring community, romantic love, financial freedom, to move to a dream location, own your own home, thriving business, to become a parent, have heaps of support…what is it?

And if you are reading this and honestly don’t know what you desire then reflect on :

  • What bores, agitates, depresses, annoys, frustrates you right now?
  • Is it your job, your partner, a friendship, where you live, etc. That will give you an indication of what you do want.

I invite you to notice too if you don’t dare to dream big.   Why?

  • You’ll rock the boat?
  • It’s not safe?
  • Your sense of security will change?
  • Your foundation will be disturbed?

That is the idea of this full moon energy!

It’s about letting the  structures crumble that need to crumble so the new can be created. Ego/mind HATES this. It creates lots of resistance and says, ‘no it’s too scary.’

It’s up to us to commit to feeling the discomfort and fear and do it anyway. If you need it, seek help to dive into those areas, the deep wounds if they are showing up. Get support. We aren’t meant to do this alone.

This is a golden opportunity to really create what you have been so desiring. Let’s do it!

Happy to support via Spirit Reiki healing sessions and via our powerful, loving plant medicine ceremonies. Our next one is Aug. 6 in Boulder, CO.


Sending much love and light!



~ words inspired by ReWilding with Sabrina Lyn