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My Time in Peru (Part 2)

I’d like to continue to share about my time in Peru as there was so much amazingness!

Creating my 'misha', my magical, portable altar

Before heading to Peru, we were asked to bring our sacred objects. Any small, sacred object that was a ‘heck yes.’ I tapped in and chose the sacred dirt from the Australian Outback, ‘tierra blanca’ from Taos, red dirt from Lyons, CO, the kachina I made to honor the North Star and several special rocks.

Once in Peru, we did three days of clearing the heavy energies out of our energy fields. Then we started creating our ‘mishas’, our personal universe, our portable altar.

This began with Francisco, the paqo (shaman), one of our leaders, going into a few rivers to gather kuyas (sacred healing stones). He gave us three kuyas each, infusing them with his energies and the powerful nature spirit energies we were working with.

To wrap up all these sacred objects, one needs a few cloths.

I felt much gratitude to purchase my alpaca cloths from the weavers of Francisco’s community. Each design has a meaning of pachamama, the mountains, partnership, condor, etc.

As the days progressed, I learned how to call upon the energies/spirits that are infused/living in the sacred objects that then channel their energies into whatever I’m asking for help with. Magical and powerful!

I now have my ‘misha’ close by when I do my Spirit Reiki healing/manifestation sessions, in meditation, and will have it on the altar this Sat. during out plant medicine ceremony!

All the objects in my ‘misha’ are connected on a soul level to me, to support me throughout my life journey, support me as a healer, medicine woman and in the power of conscious creation. Feeling so much gratitude for all of this,  my misha, my portable altar, a true gift from my time in The Andes.


Much love and light,


PS. There is one more spot open for our plant medicine ceremony this Sat. If you are interested in joining us, write or call me 303-564-1210.

PSS – If you missed part 1 about my Peru trip, here’s the link.