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Back from Peru, on a super HIGH! Transformational, Magical, Healing, Rejuvenating experience!⁣

My time in Peru was truly a transformational, magical, healing, rejuvenating, learning experience! The Andes called me. I listened and they delivered. It’s hard to put into words but I will try.⁣

It was an initiation into Andean cosmology so there were challenges and being pushed to one’s limit as well as so much magic and amazingness!⁣

On our 2nd day, we hiked a total of 12 miles into the Andes to about 12,500 ft! Coming down was a lot easier! Most decided to go on horseback but I wanted to walk, to connect with the land and mountains. I cried tears of gratitude and joy. I could feel why the Andes had called me.⁣
As we went up, we did various clearings to release our heavy energies, including getting into a glacier lake!⁣
Then Francisco, one of the shamans, created a very intricate ‘despacho’ (offering), for the mountain, lake and Pachamama spirits. It’s a tending to the spirits.⁣
When they are well tended to, then they come in and share their teachings, power and magic. That is one of the foundational beliefs in the Andean cosmology. ⁣
We also did a San Pedro ceremony, a psychedelic cactus of South America. A hummingbird, a symbol of unconditional love in the Andean cosmology, called me to it. Our interaction went on for over an hour. I was sobbing with love! ⁣

The ceremony was 12 hrs long! Omg, just when I was ready for it to be over, the mountain spirits came in big time to work with me! ⁣

Pepe did a clearing on me, releasing lots from my 5th chakra that brought in the light language, a new tone was activated, amazing! ⁣
Then I felt the energies from the mountains filling me up. Pepe guided me to open my chakras to receive the ‘sami’, the positive, light energies, the mountains were giving me. My whole body was vibrating. It was one of the most powerful experiences in ceremony thus far! ⁣
As the days progressed, we continued to clear our heavy energies, work with the triggers that showed up and take responsibility for them and what they were showing us.⁣
I received deep healing and a new awareness around the root cause of the celiac I’m healing, so exciting! I look forward to having infinite well-being soon! ⁣
And one of the biggest highlights was the day we hiked up to Ausengate, one of the highest mountains hence, one of the most powerful. Two despachos were made for the spirit of Ausengate.

It blessed us with a CONDOR sitting on the mountain watching over us.⁣

The shamans said it was the physical manifestation of the mt. spirit of Ausengate! What a gift, a validation that we’d done some really good work, healing and the offerings were well received. ⁣
I’m now reveling in the integration process, feeling SO rejuvenated, renewed, more joyful and excited to see how this new energy plays out in my life as well as fully embodying the medicine woman I am. This was my main intention I set upon arrival in Peru.⁣
I’ll be in a Plant Medicine Ceremony with some of you on July 9 in Boulder. So excited to see how the new energies come in! Already experiencing them in the Spirit Reiki healing/manifestation sessions, so fun!⁣
Sending many blessings of love and light!⁣