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4th day in Peru, High up in the Andes! Working with Andean Shamans, Andean Cosmology⁣

As you read this, I’m on my 4th day in Peru, high up in the Andes above Cuzco, not sightseeing, relaxing and taking gentle strolls…no! ⁣

Back in Feb. the Andes called me to come to them again.

I say “again” because I lived in Santiago, Chile for 8 years and had the privilege of looking out at them wherever I went. They called me back there for the changing of energies from the Himalayas to the Andes, on my birthday Dec. 21, 2012. And they have called me again. This time it’s Peru.⁣
I’ve stepped into an initiation similar to the vision quests I did in Colombia. It’s not a holiday, relaxing and easy, not at all. Our group of 10 has been called to this to totally push way beyond our comfort zones to grow, transform and embody our dharmas on a whole, amazing new level.⁣
As the leaders shared with us, we will come down from the Andes as different people. Spirit has a plan for me hence the calling back to the Andes. I had no plans to go to Peru but saw a post on social media about this initiation into Andean Cosmology and my spirit team yelled, ‘You are going!’⁣

Ok, I am going! I am here! ⁣

I ask that you hold me in your prayers as this will not be easy: no comforts of home, sleeping in temps as low as 20*, glacier lake plunges to cleanse the soul, plant medicine ceremony, dynamics of working as a group, trekking at over 14,000 feet, developing my spiritual vocabulary in Spanish and so much more that I can’t fathom as I write this pre-journey.⁣
Thank you for your prayers and I can’t wait to share with you all my new energy, insights, learnings and gifts that will be shared with me during my time in Peru.⁣
Hasta pronto!⁣
un abrazo, (a hug)⁣