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Wow, wow, wow! Talk about a sign from Spirit!

For the past few months, I’ve been feeling an itch to change things up with Dreamtime Healings but not sure what exactly. I’ve been meditating, praying and asking Spirit for guidance.

I had to sit in the uncomfortable space of not knowing, guided to go even more quiet.

A few opportunities were presented to just share where I was at and I got to feel the support of the community.

Then finally it came in when I dug deep and asked myself ‘What do I really want to be doing?’ It was always there but I was scared to fully embrace it. I want to step FULLY into being a shamaness/medicine woman, leading plant medicine ceremonies often in Taos, Boulder and traveling to where I’m being called/invited.

After that new awareness, the very next day, I got FULL confirmation from Spirit that it’s a GO! I was walking in deep nature, thinking about my upcoming trip to Peru (leaving TODAY!) where I will be studying with Andean shamans. Just as I was thinking, ‘I haven’t FULLY embodied being a medicine woman but I know that my time in Peru will help me do that’…

I walked into a pile of feathers!

This is significant because the winged/feathered ones are part of my spirit team. We have a pact and work closely together. I always tune in to what I was thinking about when I find feathers.

So many feathers! It was a big bird and it left me its feathers. To me, this meant a big confirmation that I’m to FULLY step into being a medicine woman!

I have yet to discover what bird it was but I will. If you have any ideas, please share them with me. Big birds are not a common site up in this forested area so I am very curious to learn what it is.

And then to go hand in hand with being a medicine woman/shamaness, I’m going to develop myself as an integration coach. There is such a need for it. In our plant medicine ceremonies, people get ‘golden nuggets/chunks’ but many get swept back into their ‘regular’ life and the golden insights can fall by the wayside. I want to guide and support people to fully integrate their golden nuggets and gold plate their life with it!

Watch this space for more ceremonies and for the new integration offerings.

Our next Plant Medicine Ceremony is July 9 in Boulder, CO. If you don’t live in the Boulder or Taos area and would like to host a ceremony in your area, send me a DM.

So with that being said, Aho and so it is!


Much love and light,