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Plant Medicine Ceremony- July 9

I’m excited to share that our next Plant Medicine Ceremony is on July 9 in Eldora, CO on a very magical land. This will be our 3rd season of holding ceremonies up there.

Come experience the magical healing of plant medicines⁣.

Our ceremonies are generally small and intimate, 10-15 people, a very safe container. I welcome those with experience with plant medicines and those who are being called by the medicine for the first time.  

Ceremony is a full-day experience that I hold on Saturdays. There are so many breakdowns, breakthroughs, aha’s, healings, downloads, transformations and shifts that happen, that most need Sunday to rest, integrate and continue processing. 

Everyone is invited to come with their intentions of what they’d like to heal, release, get clarity on, move past, open up into, etc. I serve two plant medicines, one being ceremonial cacao. (Send me an email if you’d like to know the other one.) 

They are both heart medicines and the ceremonial cacao highlights the other plant medicine.

Throughout ceremony, I drum and sing ceremonial songs. I also channel light language, a type of sound healing that works on the soul level to bring in profound shifts.

A week after ceremony, I offer an integration call for the group to help with the processing and understanding of all that came in. Proactive integration is key to making the most of all that you received in ceremony.

Reconnecting with people from ceremony on the call and beyond helps continue to build community. It’s a powerful experience so having others who ‘get’ what you experienced is so reassuring. So many friendships are formed from our ceremonies which makes my heart smile!

I lead the ceremonies within Dreamtime Church, which legally allows me to hold these sacred ceremonies.

There is so much more to our plant medicine ceremonies but this is a good little introduction. If you are feeling called to learn more and/or participate, wonderful.

If this would be the first time participating in Dreamtime Church ceremonies, then your next step would be to reach out so we can arrange a call to share, discuss the details more in-depth and answer any questions we might have. I leave for Peru on June 8 so we get in touch asap or upon my return, the week of June 27.
If you have been in ceremony with us before, just let me know you are ‘in’ and I’ll send you more details.

I post lots of photos and share about our ceremonies on social media if you want to see/read/learn some more.



I look forward to being in ceremony with some of you soon!


Many bright blessings,


PS – a few testimonials from our last ceremony:

‘Ceremony was life-changing once again. Thank you’s doesn’t do it justice.’ – Katie Marshall

‘What an amazing experience and clarity I had in Taos. Thank you, Helen and EVERYONE who was a part of that.  My ❤️ awakened after 2 years of deep sleep.’ ~ Aurora Ute