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Your Challenges Hold the Biggest Gifts for You: Your Ego/Mind Hates to Hear that but it’s True.⁣

By April 20, 2022Healing, Reiki

Your ego/mind really doesn’t like to hear this but…⁣
your challenges, the things that are making your life difficult, causing stress, pain, upset, frustration, etc, contain diamonds within them.⁣

For example, I was sick for years, searching for how to heal myself because western medicine was coming up empty-handed.

It was due to my sickness, that brought out my incessant drive to find alternative ways to help myself. Sickness helped me become the healer, mentor and medicine woman I am today.⁣

Had I not gotten sick, I would still be teaching English as a second language in foreign countries. That was enjoyable but doing what I do now is waayyy more fun! It’s my dharma!⁣

So this is an invitation to look at what is causing you pain, upset and struggle.

See if you can look at it with a slightly different perspective, knowing that this situation is happening FOR you, not TO you. There is a golden nugget in there for you. Can you see it? ⁣

If you can’t yet, bring in acceptance of what is and keep looking for the lessons in the situation. That will render the golden nugget. ⁣

If you need some support, just reach out via email or DM.

You don’t have to do it alone. ⁣

Sending much love and light,⁣