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The Power of Plant Medicine Ceremonies Never Cease to Amaze Me!

I just want to share about one of my favorite subjects and places to be…plant medicine ceremonies! Last weekend I was up in Boulder for a marathon of ceremonies.

I led two private cacao ceremonies for a women's retreat and one for kids.

There was so much heart opening for all. Plus, I loved that parents were wanting their kids to experience the benefits of being in ceremony, with community, family and what the cacao spirit could bring through for them. All the kids got something in their shamanic journey. It was awesome!

On Saturday, I held my other type of plant medicine ceremony that involves cacao plus another potent plant medicine. Oh the growth, breakthroughs, laughter, tears, healing, aha’s and shifts!

Here are a few themes that the medicines brought through:

🌟 Intergeneration healing, especially with the mother’s lineage

🌟 Permission to embrace the wild messy, powerful, feminine energies and bring more JOY into our lives!

🌟 Letting go of seriousness/control and bringing in contagious laughter!

🌟 Immense gratitude felt by several women for their partners who stand in their divine masculine, feeling really supported by them.

🌟 Permission to process lot of changes and to finally settle into what it all means

🌟 Releasing of big blocks in one’s system without needing to fully know what they all were, just letting them go and feeling 10 lbs lighter!

🌟 Healing the shame and gaining permission for the man to access his full emotions

🌟 Letting go of resistance and embracing the door to motherhood

🌟 Awareness that we, humanity, are hurting so much because we are hurting Mother Earth. Time to change this ASAP.

🌟 Aligning with integrity and being in right relation with oneself and others

🌟 Permission to relax, rest and ENJOY one’s life

🌟 and so much more!

Community and new friendships are formed from these potent ceremonial experiences. That is an added bonus to what I do, love it!

If you are feeling like you need some guidance, inspiration, a push or maybe a big shove, healing on a wound that still festers, acceptance or clarity on any intention you set, then you might consider joining us for our next plant medicine ceremony in Taos on May 21. Send me an email if you’d like to learn more.

Sending many blessings filled with love and light,