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Radical Responsibility…Are you ready to take that?⁣⁣

If you are reading this, then on some level, which could still be in the subconscious, you are ready to take full responsibility for what you are creating in your life.⁣⁣

This Great Awakening that humanity is in right now, calls for this, radical responsibility.

No one is going to save us but us. The energy is here to ask each and every one of us to go within and see/feel/notice – where/how/why we’ve created our world in the micro and macro. ⁣⁣
Oh, the ego doesn’t like to accept that. It likes to blame others, point a finger. ‘It’s my parents’ fault. It’s the social-economic group I was born into. It’s my ex-partner’s fault. It’s the government’s fault.’ You get the picture.⁣⁣
Taking radical responsibility for your life and what you have and are creating can be very empowering. You get to acknowledge where you’ve messed up, forgive yourself and make the needed changes. You get to see where things have flowed, been easy and magical and give yourself permission to do more of that.⁣⁣

This of course is all way easier said than done.

Plant medicine ceremonies can be very helpful with this process as they go to the subconscious and highlight exactly what you need at that moment to assist you. A lot of the time it will not have been on your radar since the subconscious is 95% and our conscious mind is only 5%, wow! Our next ceremony is on April 2 in Boulder, CO.⁣⁣
The 1:1 Thriving Empath/HSP Mentorship program is an even deeper, more potent dive into the radical responsibility of owning and loving your highly sensitive self in all its unique, curious, glorious ways. And because plant medicines are so powerful to assist us on our spiritual path, and an integral part of how I’m of service, plant medicine ceremonies are part of my mentorship program.⁣⁣

If one or both are resonating for you, send me an email or DM.

Sending many blessings of love and light,⁣⁣
PS. If the group setting isn’t for you, I also offer 1:1 private Plant Medicine Ceremonies too.⁣⁣