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Wowza, Epic, OMG Plant Medicine Ceremony on Saturday! The Energies Just Get Bigger and Bigger!

Wowza, Epic, OMG are the words I keep saying to people when they ask me how was our plant medicine ceremony this weekend in Taos!

It was off the charts! The ceremony is Taos is taking the ceremony to a whole new level, a different league!

I’ve been told I’ve had many, many lifetimes in Taos as a shaman/ess, healer, medicine wo/man and I’m here now to bring forth the remembrance from those lifetimes. I feel like that is starting based on the energies that came in on Saturday during our ceremony.
In the words of one of the participants, ‘It was like years of therapy in a span of hours.’ Yes indeed. This is the power, knowledge, wisdom and healing gifts that the plant medicines share with us.
These are some of the topics/themes that were worked with:
  • Voice activation, finding one’s voice, permission to express oneself and worthy to share with others
  • Healing around the death of ones’ beloved pet
  • Healing of the inner child. Reparenting herself, being the parent that she never had.
  • Discovering one’s gift: able to see where there is a misalignment in things, be the truth-teller and share the truth in ways that can be heard and received.
  • Authenticity, permission to be you!
  • Opportunities to hold very strong boundaries. This is so important, especially for HSP/Empaths.
  • Release of guilt around parenting.
  • Ego death! Being fully present, sensing how we are connected to everything, ‘hearing’ true silence for the first time. This is something many strive to experience but only get there for a few seconds or minutes before being pulled back into the past or future.
  • Healing of trauma
  • Grief, lots of well-shed tears. Last year, my spirit team asked me to create a special altar specifically for grief. It induces unexpressed grief that needs to come out. When the heart cries it lets the grief move. It brings the salty tears, allowing for the joy to return.
  • Cleared anxiety, lifted a big weight and a week-long headache.
  • Spirit will often ask me to work with 1-2 people during the ceremony with the light language, drumming, and eye gazing. They will then channel a message for that person. The beauty of the sacred ceremony is that the message is for everyone participating too.

There were two channeled messages:

“Please be your bright light, all of it"

“Please bring all of you, even the ugly bits. Your imperfection is your perfection.

  • Be in the right relationship. Make something right that has gone misaligned. Remember and trust Spirit as we are co-creating with it.
Wowza, that was a lot of energy! I’m so grateful for the plant medicines, everyone who participated, the elementals and our spirit teams that showed up to support us in this amazing way.
If you are feeling the call of the medicines, our next Plant Medicine Ceremony is on April 2 in Boulder, CO. Send me a DM or email if you’d like to learn more.
Much love and light,