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Traumatized from being in a Narcissistic relationship/s?

By February 23, 2022Thriving Empath/HSP

Mom, Dad, Romantic partner, Business partner?⁣

Empaths/HSPs and narcissists attract each other like magnets.

Why, you might be asking, As a sensitive one, you hold a lot of light, love, compassion, empathy and caring that the narcissists are drawn to because they don’t have it.

As for the HSP/Empaths and why you might be drawn to the narcissist is that they give you the opportunity to learn some really potent lessons.

If you choose, you get to put your foot down and say:

🌟 I stop putting on a smiley face and say everything is fine when it’s not.

🌟 I matter. My desires matter. My wishes matter.

🌟 I stop allowing myself to be manipulated and controlled.

🌟 I have a voice. I speak my truth.

🌟 I stop people-pleasing.

🌟 I have full permission to please myself.

🌟 I stop being a victim and take full responsibility for my life.

🌟 I stop giving my power away.

🌟 I courageously hold very strong boundaries.

I’ve done much healing and work with my clients and my own healing around the trauma from narcissistic relationships. I’m here to say that it’s absolutely possible to come out the other side, so strong and confident in yourself. It really is.

You don’t have to be wounded or struggle in this area for the rest of your life, you don’t!

And wow, is it liberating and so empowering to be on the other side of narcissists, having fully learn all the lessons and spot them and stop them in an instant if they reappear in your life.

This is an area that we cover extensively in the Thriving Empath/HSP Mentorship program. If this resonates with you and you’ve reached your limit, want a change and need support then just send me a DM or email. My hand is outstretched. You aren’t meant to do it alone.


Many bright blessings,