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I was briefly scrolling on Facebook and saw a post by a client of mine giving a shout-out to a shaman in Peru that she’d worked with. I went to his page and check out what he was up to.

I saw a post about initiation and teaching of the Andean Cosmology* and my whole body lit up. I felt the Andes calling me again and my spirit team was very clear,

‘You are going!'

It will have been 2.5 years since I’ve been on an international flight and 3 years since being in South America. For those who have known me a long time, my norm is to go abroad at least once a year. My spirit is jumping for joy to be traveling soon.

In my line of work, professional development is a must just like in other professions except that mine isn’t done through continuing education programs and credits.

I will be in the Sacred Valley of Cusco and high up in the Andes mountains.

Three Peruvian shamans will be teaching us about the Andean Cosmology* as well as daily clearings, healings, plant medicine ceremony, camping, hiking, connecting with the communities in the high Andes and finishing with a winter solstice ceremony.…a true initiation.

It will be intense and full-on but my spirit is so ready for it, hungry for it and what will evolve from it.

The added bonus is it will be all in Spanish and those participating will be mainly South Americans. I am Latina on a soul level so I’m so excited to reconnect with ‘my’ peeps, the language and the culture.

I can’t wait for this experience and to share with you all whatever this ‘professional development’ brings about! I have a feeling it will be very impactful and bring another magical element into Dreamtime Healings.

Keep listening to your spirit and how it guides you. It might guide you in ways that are very unexpected but go with it. Trust the magic that unfolds.


Much love and light,


* A cosmology attempts to establish an ordered, harmonious framework that integrates time, space, the planets, stars, and other celestial phenomena. ~ Merriam-Webster dictionary