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Spiritual Awakening… buckle up!⁣

For over 2 years, I’ve been speaking about the Great Awakening that we are in. It’s a time that was prophesied by the indigenous all over the world.

Everywhere, people are beginning to pop like popcorn, waking up!⁣

What does that look like, feel like, you might ask. It’s like the illusion that we’ve been living in for 1000’s of years is beginning to dissolve. You are becoming aware of things that you hadn’t noticed before. It could be:⁣

🌟a romantic relationship that was good before but now, something has shifted. It doesn’t resonate.⁣

🌟the job you’ve done for years and enjoyed, now you don’t and you want out.⁣

🌟the way you have always eaten, that food doesn’t taste good anymore. You want something more nourishing.⁣

🌟the friends you loved hanging out with, you just don’t gel with them anymore.⁣

🌟the place you have always lived, you now want to move elsewhere.⁣

As this continues and as you listen and follow the inner guidance, new exciting experiences can start happening, many paranormal. Your intuition starts activating more.⁣

You can have a lot of unusual body symptoms that come and go. You are being drawn to more spiritual activities and experiences than ever before.⁣

Amazing synchronicities, new opportunities open up that you’d never considered before and so much more.⁣

However, in the same breath, it can also turn your world upside down and inside out.

It can feel like you’ve been run over by a herd of horses, being shot out of a canon, or bonked on the head with a 2×4. Not fun, not fun at all.⁣

I went through my spiritual awakening 20 years ago as did many other healers and spiritual leaders/teachers so that we could be of service now, to help the millions that are waking up and not really sure what is hitting them.⁣

Get support, guidance and help from someone you trust to assist in navigating these uncharted waters.⁣

Happy to support you through Spirit Reiki Healing sessions, the Thriving Empath/HSP Mentorship program and/or through the Plant Medicine Ceremonies. They are all good ways to receive guidance through these rocky times. You are not meant to be doing it alone.

Much love and light,