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Perfectionism Keeps you Caged, Imperfection Sets You Free!

By February 2, 2022Thriving Empath/HSP

I want to share this inspirational story with you! Pam is in her 3rd week of mentorship with me, and as we were talking about perfectionism today, she had an amazing realization.

"When we first started working together, I needed to be perfect. I don’t anymore.", she said with a big smile and a shy laugh.

“I just get to be ME.” OMG, this is gold!!!

Pam went on to share that now when she makes a mistake, says the wrong thing or messes up, instead of beating herself up for not being perfect,

“It’s so empowering to say things like this to another or to myself:

  • ‘Sorry, I’m human.’
  • ‘I need time by myself.’
  • ‘I said that wrong. It’s not what I meant/believed.'”

Pam continued to say, "I don’t feel the need to be perfect for anyone, including myself.”.

This is Gold, amazing! When she shared this, I was doing the happy dance, such a powerful shift of consciousness in just three weeks!

Releasing yourself from the programming that the patriarch had put upon us, especially women and the sensitive ones, who are even more affected by it, equates to freedom!

Freedom like you’ve never experienced before! And as you see from Pam’s share, it can happen quickly!

Reflection for you: Where do you feel the need to be perfect and why?

This is the kind of stuff we work through in the Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship. If you want to release the ball and chain of perfectionism, send me an email or DM..

To magic and miracles!

photo by Helen Knight – Telluride, CO