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Are You 10 out of 10 committed to YOU? What Does that Really Mean anyway?⁣

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What does being 10 out of 10 committed to YOU really mean?⁣

It means saying YES to your amazing sensitive, empathic soul that just wants to flourish in all its glory!⁣

It means telling the ego to take a hike as you courageously leave your comfy spot on the sofa in your comfort zone lounge.⁣

You say adios to: ⁣

-perceived obligations⁣
-perceived scarcity/lack⁣
-perceived commitments⁣
-perceived what if’s ⁣
-perceived judgments and so on…⁣
All = limiting beliefs⁣

You feel the fear of leaving the comfort zone lounge and taking the step, jump or leap into saying yes to YOU, to the highly sensitive you.⁣

It means taking action on whatever that niggling energy within you is guiding you to do. You know what I’m talking about. That is your gut feeling, intuition, your higher self, your soul guiding you to take the path that will help and serve you, even though it’s could be fear-provoking.⁣
My life as healer, shamaness and mentor for HPS/Empath has rarely been lived in the ‘comfort’ zone. Spirit is always challenging me to level up, re-commit to me, to be 10 out of 10. ⁣
And what I can say is that my life has been pretty, fricken exciting and amazing! There have been very few dull moments. Spirit has kept me on my toes and it makes life really juicy!⁣

If you are feeling that nudge or maybe that strong push to make a change, ready to commit to YOU 100%, be 10 out of 10, not follow someone else’s agenda, ready to tell the ego to take a hike, ready to make your life way more juicy, I’m here for you.

I’m here to guide, heal, support and help your Divine Shine as an HSP/Empath. If you are ready or a very close, an 8 or 9 out of 10, send me a DM or email with the words, ‘Feeling the fear and doing it anyway!’.⁣
Much love and light,⁣