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Recipe to Manifest What You Desire

Thought + Emotion = Manifestation⁣

I’m sure you have heard the famous quote, ‘Ask and you shall receive.’⁣

You might be thinking, “Yes and I’m still waiting to receive!”.⁣

Here’s the missing piece, the asking is not done with the voice, but via the heart. The vibration in your heart creates a magnetic wave that the matrix/quantum field understands and responds to. It doesn’t respond to your voice.⁣

When you want to manifest something in your life, it’s the power of emotion felt through the heart that will create it in your 3D way faster.⁣

Recipe for Rapid Manifestation⁣

1. Create an intention of what you desire, i.e.:⁣
– infinite well-being⁣
– prosperity⁣
– fabulous job⁣
– romantic partner⁣
– sovereignty⁣

2. Visualize it in your 3rd eye.⁣

3. Feel the emotion as if what you desire has already happened.⁣

– You are surrounded by it, enveloped by it. ⁣
– Feel as if the experience has already happened. ⁣
– Feel it in the core of your body.⁣
– Feel as if what it is that you desire is happening right now. ⁣
– Feel it through your heart.⁣

4. Ask without a hidden motive, meaning ask without judgment. Drop the ego, i.e.:⁣
– no judging that the ill health is bad. ⁣
– no judging your current situation as bad⁣
– no judging scarcity/lack as bad and that it must go away⁣
– simply accept the ill-health, your current situation, scarcity/ lack, etc. as one of the many possibilities in the matrix/quantum.⁣

5. FEEL the result you desire through your heart.⁣

6. Marry your thoughts and feelings into one.⁣

7. At the end, you can repeat the words, “It is done. It is done. It is done now.”⁣

Happy Manifesting! It takes a bit of practice but it works!⁣

Many blessings,⁣

~ words inspired by Gregg Braden⁣