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What is your ‘Why’? Having a Purpose = Joy

A big reason why humanity is in the state we are in right now is that many people have lost their way, have no purpose, don’t know what their ‘Why’ is for their existence.

I feel very fortunate in that I became aware of my why when I got sick in my early 30’s.

The search, the striving for my infinite well-being is what brought my ‘Why’: to become a healer, shamaness and to support and empower the HSP/Empaths.
When you have a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning that makes you smile, then your whole outlook, your perspective is different than when you don’t.
So I ask you, What is your ‘Why’? If you don’t know, this is an invitation to start getting curious as to what your why could be.

Oftentimes, your ‘Why’ comes from the challenges you have gone through or that you are going through right now.

As HSP/Empaths, the denial of your sensitivity, the shaming of it, the struggle with it, can be your key to finding your ‘Why’.
Believe me, when you finally discover your ‘Why’, life gets way more interesting and fun! Your heart feels so alive and boredom just isn’t part of your vocabulary.

In the Thriving Empath/HSP Mentorship Program, we discover or expand upon your ‘Why’. Here to be of service, send me a DM or email if you need help.

Plant Medicine Ceremonies can also help bring to your awareness what your ‘Why’ is. Jan. 22 in our next one in Taos, NM. Send me a DM if you want to learn more.