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2022, the Year to Make your Sensitivity Your Best Friend, instead of Your Foe?

With 2022 just around the corner, might this be the time to create a New Year’s resolution to make your sensitivity your best friend, instead of your foe? It’s part of you, just like your toes, fingers and hair. It’s not going anywhere.

Yet with that hard fact, so many HSP/Empaths want for something else:

…..Wish you weren’t highly sensitive at all…

…..Wish you didn’t wear your emotions on your sleeves 24/7…

…..Wish you didn’t get so overwhelmed all the time, especially during the holidays…

…..Wish you could balance life better between your needs and the rest of your family…

…..Wish you could really trust your intuition instead of letting self-doubt have its way with you…

…..Wish you didn’t get plowed over by other people’s energies or emotions…

…..Wish you had more self-confidence…


Trying to brush the sensitivity under the rug; pretend it doesn’t exist, isn’t the way. It will only get more apparent and will pop out in another area of your life, waving its sensitive flag, asking to be seen, acknowledged and honored. The more you wish it’d go away, the more it will become like the elephant in the room.

So here’s an invitation to stop the wishing and take a stand for yourself and your sensitivity. You were born like this and you will be sensitive until the day you depart. Let’s make peace with it and make it your best asset…because it is.

I’m an HSP and an empath, double whammy, so I get it. I’ve been working with HSP/empaths for over 12 years, providing guidance, support, tools, techniques and healing.

There is nothing like having a client come to me, ‘on the floor’; they can’t take it anymore; something needs to change and to witness the metamorphosis. As we work together, they come into themselves, into their power, into their bright amazing sensitive self without holding back! They feel confident and proud to be an HSP/Empath. It’s so rewarding to witness and be part of! It’s what I’m so passionate about.

To feel safe and empowered to wear the badge as an HSP/Empath. What does that look like you might ask?

~ trusting your intuition 99% of the time

~ having your voice and being heard

~ allowing your emotions without making them wrong

~ holding healthy, strong boundaries that keep you safe, centered and grounded

~ easily removing yourself from situations that are too much for you

~ taking alone time to recharge, guilt-free

~ narcissists are gone from the scene, wahoo

~ making yourself a priority on a daily basis

~ confidently educating your friends and family about HSP/Empaths and why you do things a bit differently than 80% of the population

~ and my favorite is, tapping into your superpowers! As an HSP, you have something quite unique that is needed more than ever right now with this Great Awakening we are in. No more hiding in the closet! It’s time to bring your gift/s to be of service to yourself and others.

Thriving Empath/HSP Mentorship

In my mentorship program, The Thriving HSP/Empath, we work together in a very intimate, exclusive way. There is daily support, healing, guidance, holding your hand all along the way to bring you back on your feet. Your shoulders will be back and your head held high. You’ll feel thrilled to be a sensitive one, leading with your sensitivity instead of dragging it behind you like a dead weight.

You won’t question your intuition again. You will simply trust yourself, your inner guidance and let the magic and synchronicities unfold on a daily basis.

You’ll lead with confidence, feeling peaceful and grounded.

You’ll be in tune and in sync with YOU and what your sensitive soul needs in each moment, giving yourself exactly what is required, totally guilt-free.

You’ll feel a spaciousness, a newfound freedom when overwhelm and imbalance are not part of your vocabulary.

You’ll feel a great sense of excitement when you discover your gifts/superpowers and start putting them into action!

Life gets really good and juicy when this happens.

Send me an email or DM if you’re ready to step up and say ‘yes’ to your sensitivity. It’s life-changing, when you do, no looking back.

Here’s to a magical, empowered, freedom-filled 2022!
Happy New Year!

Much love and light,