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You’re Invited! Plant Medicine Ceremonies Jan. 22 & Feb. 26 ~ Taos, NM!

As many of you know, I’ve been leading plant medicine ceremonies for over two years. I absolutely LOVE it! I know I’ve been a shamaness in many lifetimes because being in ceremony is where I’m at home, in my element. If I had the strength, I’d lead a ceremony every weekend!

I'm not there yet but plan to be soon.

The other reason I love leading ceremonies is the profound transformations I see happen right before my eyes! People come to the ceremony as one version of themselves and leave as a totally new version, an improved version. It’s life-changing. The medicine is so wise, intelligent, benevolent, loving and brings in exactly what you need. Oftentimes, it is something out of the field that is perfect for you and your growth.
I’m excited to share that I found a stunning retreat center in Taos to hold the ceremony. It’s 40 acres of beautiful land with trees, sagebrush and white sand!

It is en route to Ojo Caliente hot springs. The energy is really magical!

On Dec. 11, we had such a potent ceremony, opening the portal for many more ceremonies there. Wow, how the land spoke to me, worked with me. The mountains shared medicine for all of us. I now understand why Spirit wants me here…the medicine, the land, the mountains, the open blue skies, the sun…otherworldly!
Katie Marshall participated in the ceremony on the 11th and this is what she had to say: “This was truly a life-changing experience. I will never view or experience the world the same. Words cannot express my gratitude for your gifts, abilities and all of the beautiful work you put into creating this magical and amazing experience for us. Can’t wait to do another!!”

The plant medicine often calls you. If you are feeling it, here is an invitation to come to join us in the ceremony.

Dates: Jan. 22 & Feb. 26
Time: 10 AM arrival on Saturday. Check out at 11 AM on Sunday
Where: Vista Verde Retreat Center, Carson, NM
Donation for the ceremony to Dreamtime Church: $497
Beautiful accommodation is available on site. I would strongly recommend staying Sat. night so that you can fully integrate the medicine and not have to go back into family life immediately. I’ve heard from many that that can be rather intense, jumping back into it all. For those coming from afar and want to arrive on Friday, accommodation is also available.
Here is the link so you can have a look. We will fill out the main house first and then book up other casitas, as needed.
Let me know if you’d like to stay one or 2 nights.
As many of you know, NM is called the Land of Enchantment so there are added bonuses for coming to Taos. There is much to do if you want to stay an extra day or two.
Here are a few suggestions.
To reserve your spot, send an email by Jan. 14 for the Jan. 22 ceremony.
If you have a friend who’s interested in joining us, please share this post to them.
I look forward to seeing some of you here in beautiful Taos soon!
Many bright blessings,