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This past weekend I led a plant medicine ceremony, opening the portal here in Taos for many more ceremonies.

It was a smaller group compared to my Boulder ceremonies but wow! We were 7 women, most of us HSP/Empaths.

Everyone had their personal intentions that they wanted the medicine and Spirit to guide them on. But as I always say, the medicine will bring in exactly what you need at that moment.

At the tail end of ceremony, Spirit asked me to eye gaze with Pam. Eye gazing creates a soul to soul connection. Spirit channels through me potent drumming, the song of light language and channeled messages.

Pam has been in my Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship program, making great shifts within herself to come to a place of peace and balance as a very sensitive one.

When we did the eye gazing, I witness another amazing transformation within her. She took her new founded peace and confidence as an HSP to a whole new level.

I asked her to repeat the phrase, ‘I’m powerful.’ She said it back to me in a whisper. As I continued to sing the light language, I asked her to speak louder and wow, she brought her voice! In came into her power through her voice like never before.

Pam was fiercely powerful and unapologetic with her words. She felt a deep awakening of her divine feminine power and spoke a message for all of us:

It’s time for women to have a voice, to speak our truth, to feel our divine feminine power within and its strength.

To go forth hand in hand with the masculine. It’s not about the divine feminine rising and having power over the masculine. No.

It’s about women and men working together, an interconnectedness, a harmony and synergy, each bringing their gifts, strengths and special qualities.

This is part of what the Great Awakening is about. It’s time. Let’s all do our part. There is much unlearning to do and creating a new way. Together we can do this.

Yesterday I spoke with Pam and I continued to hear the profound transformation in her voice. She said it’s the first time in her life she feels so powerful, self-confident and filled with self-worth, all guilt free.

I’m beyond thrilled and proud of her. Now to channel all this new energy into creating the new life style to support the blossoming Pam.

If you want to blossom too but are still struggling with your sensitivity, send me a DM.

Our next Plant medicine ceremony is in Taos, NM on Jan. 15. Send me a DM if you are interested in joining us.


May bright blessings,