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Total solar eclipse and new moon today!

By December 5, 2021December 13th, 2021Highly Sensitive People (HSP)/ Empaths, Manifestation

People often associate powerful energies with the full moon, however the New moon is just as powerful, in not more so!

Because today is also a total solar eclipse, the energy is exponentially more potent and it’s here to help upgrade us.

It’s a potent day to set a special intention. Do a little ritual. Light a candle. Sit in meditation and connect with your spirit team. Share with them what your special intention is. Listen to your inner guidance you receive around it.
The energies that we are being blasted with today are here to help clean and clear out the old things that no longer serve us, really clear out. And did you know that when we have eclipses, the energies that they bring in are working with us for the next 6 months!

So let’s make the most of it. We are being asked to let go of really old, ingrained belief systems, allow the endings of the old ways, and to embrace the new beginnings that include truth, wisdom, justice and freedom.

If we all do our part, receive the download of massive amounts of energies coming in from the universe, it’s here to help create the higher consciousness of humanity, the new world.
This energy helps us bring us back to us. Check in with your intuition. Be aware of your dreams. Meditate more. Express your creativity and tune into your inner guidance more. Go with that rather than external influences.
I’m super excited for this energy, for this huge boost we are receiving from the heavens. As HSP/Empaths you will most likely be feeling the energies more intensely. Make sure you spend extra time in nature and amp up your self-care so you stay centered and grounded.

Happy Total eclipse and new moon to you! Let’s do this!

photo by jordon-conner