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Do you feel that your sensitivity is a big pain in the bum?

Are you accepting of it but still find it annoying?

Do you embrace your sensitivity but haven’t fully managed to tap into the superpowers that lay within you?

As I always say to my clients, as an HSP/empath, you aren’t highly sensitive just because. Spirit didn’t want to just mess with you and make things rather challenging! No, not at all! Your sensitivity is what supports your superpowers!

Once you get to the point where you LOVE your sensitivity, I mean really LOVE it, then your superpowers really start to emerge. It’s very exciting!

As a sensitive being, you are here on this earth, at this time, because you have a very unique gift/s ie: to be a psychic, to do animal communication, become a healer, a visionary, a singer sharing unique tones, a writer sharing enlightened messages, doing mediumship, channeling divine messages, to name a few.

This is one of the big reasons I love working with the HSPs, to bring your superpowers out into the world, to be of service. We need your gifts now as we are in the throes of the New Earth being birthed. Your gifts are needed, more than ever to help with this process.

And just so you know, it’s so common for HSP/Empaths to have a deep fear of being powerful, in their power using their gifts. This often comes from lifetimes of being persecuted for using your superpowers.

However, things are different now. If you are keen to discover or bring out of the closet your gift/s then send me a message with the word ‘superpowers’ and we can get to work together to bring them forth, in service, in love, in light!

~ many bright blessings!

P.S. I have finally found an amazing spot for our Plant Medicine Ceremonies in Taos, wahoo! December 11 is our official ceremony to open the portal here. Send me an email if you are keen to join us!