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Native American Heritage Day

By November 26, 2021November 29th, 2021Healing, Plant Medicine Ceremony

Today is Native American Heritage Day, a day to honor the people, their rich culture, contributions, accomplishments and heritage. I feel more sensitive and aware of this day now that I live in Taos, NM. It is home to one of the most well preserved Native American pueblos, that has been declared a World Heritage site, the Taos Pueblo tribe.

Today I was called to make my daily offerings to Spirit in the shape of the medicine wheel.

I did the same thing yesterday, for Thanksgiving. On both days, I made a prayer and said sorry, asking for forgiveness for the atrocities that have been done to Native Americans. Things have improved but there is still much healing, support, care, recognition and more that needs to happen.

The wise indigenous people, predicted this great time of awakening that we are in.

We are seeing more and more people seeking out the ‘old ways’ the ‘ancient ways’ of native people to gain awareness, healing and transformation.

I hold a prayer and a light within my heart that the native people all over the world will be honored and revered again, showing us, leading the way on how to bring humanity back into full harmony with Mother Earth and teaching us that we are one with Gaia, Spirit and each other. Aho.