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Gratitude vibrates at 540hz, higher than Love!

By November 24, 2021November 29th, 2021Highly Sensitive People (HSP)/ Empaths, Manifestation

This past Sunday, I was interviewed by Marinela Maneiro-Goodwin on KGNU, the local Boulder radio station. The topic of our conversation was gratitude.

I said to her when we first connected, ‘How are you going to talk about gratitude for 1 hour?!”

Well, it turns out we could have spoken for at least another hour, two or three, no problem!  I want to share what we spoke about since the interview was in Spanish.

Gratitude is such a potent, magnifying emotion and energy. Whatever you have gratitude for, amplifies the positive energies of it and brings you more.

Everything is energy and everything holds a frequency, even emotions. To give you an idea, on the frequency scale that David Hawkins came up with, shame is 20, guilt is 30 compared to gratitude at a whopping 540, on par with joy! It holds a higher frequency than love that comes in at 500 megahertz! Do you need more reasons to remember to feel and express gratitude daily?!

Let’s make the most of this! Here are a few suggestions on how to make gratitude part of your day.

~ Keep a Gratitude Journal. Write in it daily. Feel the gratitude as you jot things down.

~ Say and feel gratitude for 5-10 things before you go to sleep each night. This is a great exercise to do with children too.

~ Put both hands on your heart to amplify the gratitude energies as you say them.

~ Remember you can feel the gratitude for what you have and for what you want to manifest.

~ In this post on Instagram, I wrote about the Law of Assumption. As you assume that Spirit with bring you what you desire, Gratitude can be a huge part of your manifestation process. Visualize what you want to manifest, assume it’s a done deal and then feel the emotion of gratitude as if it’s already here now.

The list of what you can feel gratitude for is endless.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so many of you will be with family and/or friends. Most are good at feeling the gratitude of the day. And now I invite you to bring gratitude into your everyday life as a practice, as a ritual. Feel and give thanks for what you have/are and for what you desire to create as if it’s already here.

So grateful for my beautiful, bright Dreamtime Healings and Dreamtime Church communities. Sending you all much love and light!  ~ Helen

P.S. – For the Spanish speakers, if you’d like to listen to the KGNU interview, here is the link. Click on 11/21/21 show.