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Calling all HSPs/Empath to use your SUPER POWERS today!

By November 20, 2021November 29th, 2021Highly Sensitive People (HSP)/ Empaths

As sensitive ones, we can sense, feel, discern and notice things that 80% population can’t. These are part of our super powers so let’s put them to good use today.

You might be feeling quite bummed out or down right despondent by what is currently happening in our world, in your community, in your own family, by the disturbing images on TV or things you hear on the news.

Here’s an invitation to something positive. Take a moment today, and everyday if you wish, to sit down in nature or on your comfy sofa. Go into stillness and peace and visualize what you want to create. If someone is ill, see them well. If there is war, see peace reigning. If there is divided separation, see unity. If there in fear, see love. That is a sensitive one in their power!

So get your SUPER POWERS on today,

be pro-active in creating this new world that is birthing. Send potent, loving, caring and compassionate energy to any area that means the most to you to help bring about the change/shift.