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Jumping for Joy! Doing the Happy Dance!

By November 17, 2021Thriving Empath/HSP

I am jumping for joy, doing the happy dance! Why you might ask.

I am witnessing one of my mentorees, Marianne, who has just wrapped up the Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship program, coming into her own, in the biggest way!

Massive breakthroughs, aha’s, new level of awareness, personal empowerment, belief in herself and the growing love for herself as a highly sensitive person in all her amazing facets.

In one of Marianne’s most recent sessions, Spirit asked us to do a fun exercise to help her really acknowledge, feel and receive all her growth that she has made during our mentorship program.

I wrote them down as I wanted to reflect them back to her once again. A potent part of the mentorship program is being witnessed by another. This is especially powerful for women.

Some of Marianne's tremendous wins!

~ no longer staying quiet, speaking her truth more and more and more! Wahoo!

~ rekindling her connection with Spirit – not cut off anymore, so much information, right there. Marianne can trust it, see it and feel Spirit again.

~ not jealous anymore of other peoples’ talents. She’s finally accessing her own very special gifts.

~ no more alcohol! This is huge since it’s been a crutch for a long time.

~ instead of playing the victim, when challenges show up, Marianne has the awareness and clarity of the lessons and growth opportunities that are presenting.

~ fierce boundaries, not caving to appease another. This is really huge, huge step into empowerment!

~ stopped ignoring her body. Listening and giving it what it needs when it needs it: water, rest, alone time, sleep and high vibe foods.

~ using tools and techniques she learned in the program to create fierceness to stop interference from entities and technology, other people’s thought forms and emotions. No more getting plowed over by it or harassed.

~ reconnecting with her mom and creating a new healthier relationship, more authentic.

~making herself visible and vulnerable, especially on social media. Sharing authentically. This is huge!

~come so far around her singing, her voice in general. She has a desire to sing, communicate in that way. Confidence to sing again, in a new way. no longer cut off, feel connected again.

It’s so fulfilling, brings so much joy, can be so healing. She’s meant to be a singer! The old story is gone!

~ better at receiving on all levels

~ much better relationship with her daughters. She feels more at ease with being a mom, has more skills to use with them.

~no anxiety, things are flowing.

~ braving mother nature. Marianne is getting better at feeling safe in nature. Nature is a haven for an HSP so creating that connection is key to more inner peace and calm.

~ taking full responsibility for herself and her life – no more room for victimhood

~100% commitment to Herself – willing to do the work, trying new ideas and suggestions that Spirit and I offered

I couldn’t be more proud of Marianne, more delighted with her progress, growth and most importantly, that she is feeling empowered as an HSP/empath.

If you are struggling as a sensitive one, please know that it doesn’t have to be like that. My hand is outstretched. Stretch yours out to me if you’d like to learn more about the Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship program.