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What is the Big Deal about Ancient Plant Medicines?

Why Plant Medicine Ceremonies?

First of all, they have been around for 1000’s of years, helping people heal, gain inspiration, guidance and so much more. They were and still are the ways of the indigenous all around the world.
I’ve participated in many different types of plant medicine ceremonies over the years, potent transformation! Then about two years ago, Spirit, asked me to start leading them and so I did.
Every time I lead a group or private ceremony, it never ceases to amaze me the profound insight the plant medicines bring through.

It’s mind-blowing!

I always want to video people’s shares of what they got during the ceremony as it’s so very profound, for example:
~ release of deep-seated anger
~ finding one’s voice
~ deep trauma healing
~ anxiety and depression gone by the wayside
~ letting go of control to find the gift behind it
~ deep forgiveness where it wasn’t possible before
~ courageously opening to one’s gifts
~ awareness and guidance of one’s purpose
~ feeling self-love for the first time
The list goes on and on and on.

The gift of plant medicine ceremonies is the medicines go to the subconscious which makes up 95% of our thinking and response.

Only 5% is our conscious awareness. So they bring to the surface, to the light, the unconscious triggers/traumas so they can be transmuted, healed and released. This makes space for so much more wonder, joy and love in one’s life.
Because the two plant medicines I serve are heart medicines, the heart openings, the fountains of love that pour forth are magical and amazing.

That is exactly what we need more and more and more of as this Great Awakening continues.

I’ve just wrapped up the season in Eldora where I lead ceremony all summer. I’m actively looking for a place in Taos to start leading group ceremonies down here. I haven’t found a spot yet but trust I will soon.
In the meantime, I’m currently offering deep dives: 1:1 private, plant medicine ceremonies in Taos. If you are ready to do some deep diving, shift things that have plagued you for too long, up a level, access more of your authentic self, this might be for you.
Often the medicines will call you. You’ll feel curiosity or a nudge to explore more.
If you are feeling the call, interested or curious to know more, send me a DM or email.
*** I created the legal entity, Dreamtime Church, which allows us by law to take the plant medicine, our church’s sacred sacrament.
Photo by Kirk Kringle