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Impatiently tapping your fingers, waiting for something to happen?

This is a key topic to talk about especially for the impatient ones!⁣

There is a divine plan that involves divine timing with absolutely everything. Our little pea brain, the ego/control would like things to happen in a certain way at a certain time.⁣

And when they don’t, we can:⁣

~ get mad⁣

~ lose trust in Spirit⁣

~ say it’s not working out⁣

~ say that you’ve been tricked⁣

Oh, the ego is great at creating things like that. None of that is true.⁣

It’s all about Divine timing. Things are being aligned and taken care of for the best outcome. Most of us are not privy to what that is but that is where we are required to trust in the divine plan and divine timing.⁣

Baking Bread⁣

Like bread being baked in the oven:⁣

~ if you take it out too soon ⁣

~ let it go too long in the oven⁣

~ keep opening the door to make sure it’s rising properly, you let hot air out/ source energy out, the outcome: It won’t be perfectly baked and full of deliciousness.⁣

Divine timing is exactly the same way.

Bring in trust and patience when you are keen to manifest something in your world. Sometimes it will happen ASAP if it’s meant to be and sometimes it will take longer.

To help you, write down one of these intentions.

This will help you exude trust and patience to allow divine timing.

I trust.

I have infinite patience.

I have infinite patience and trust.

Many bright blessings,