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Crap at Holding Boundaries? A Challenging Area for HSPs/Empaths

Lack of boundaries is a huge theme for Highly Sensitive/Empaths. It’s one of the areas we work on immediately when a new client starts working with me.

Some say they feel like a doormat.

Some can’t speak up and say what they want/need.

Some are fearful of another’s reaction if they set a boundary.

Some don’t want to rock the boat.

Some speak up but are silenced.

Whatever the reason, in the end, without good, healthy, strong boundaries of all sorts: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, time, etc., you end up feeling totally disempowered.

Boundaries are key to a thriving sensitive one, key!

They tie directly into being able to speak your truth, worthiness, knowing you matter and putting an end to people-pleasing.

It can be really challenging for an HSP/empath to hold strong boundaries initially. However, the good news is that with support, guidance and healing, learning to put boundaries in place is completely doable.

It’s a win, win, all around, like feeding 2 birds with one hand when you start setting boundaries. You begin to confidently speak your truth. You honor yourself that your needs/wants matter. People-pleasing dissipates until it’s completely gone.

Start with small boundaries to build your confidence. As you feel the benefits of holding boundaries, it then gets easier to create bigger boundaries.

The ultimate boundary-building goal is when you can completely keep a narcissist out of your energy field! Since sensitive ones are light and bright, we attract narcissists like moths to the light. So when you can keep narcissists at an arm’s length with no effect on your life, you know you have championed healthy boundaries!

Benefits of holding boundaries: you feel so much better. Your heart smiles because you’re being true to yourself. There’s more expansiveness in your world, flow, ease, peace and way less drama, depletion and overwhelm….ahhhh!

Creating, setting and confidently holding healthy boundaries is an area that I work on with my clients in my Thriving Empath/HSP mentorship program, amongst many other areas that are typical stumbling blocks of an Empath/HSP.

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Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash