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Missed Flight, Stranded, No Flights Until Tomorrow…Oh No!

Last week I headed back east to see my mom and brother. I had to change planes in Minneapolis. When I got there, I thought we were still in mountain time since my phone didn’t change time zones.

I went to the gate at the indicated time, 30 mins before take-off. There was no one there except the Delta agent. She looked at me and said,

"The plane departed 30 mins ago. Who are you? Ah, Helen Knight, I was calling you and calling you over the loudspeaker.”"

I was shocked and all the worst scenarios came flooding in:

~ What if there are no more flights to Philly today?

~ What if I have to spend the night?

~ Oh no, that will cut short my trip that is only 5 days long.

What if, What if, What if, the favorite game of the ego.

I quickly reined in the mind/ego, re-centered and grounded myself. I dropped into my heart space and started working my energy field, radiating love and light.

It took me a minute to figure out what had happened.

My phone didn’t automatically update to the new time zone so I was still on Mountain time even though we were in Central time.

I showed the agent my phone and I asked if she could get me on another flight today. She announced that she was just about to take her lunch break but since I had good energy, she’d help me out. 🙂

As she started looking, she tells me that since I had requested an upgrade, received it and was in 1st class, she hadn’t delete me from the system. If she had deleted me, rescheduling a flight would have been more difficult.

Now, this is where it gets GOOD!

My spirit team came into action and worked their magic because I NEVER requested an upgrade! Spirit completely had my back, took care of me, created the upgrade from the quantum, the 5D. They aligned the lovely agent who was intuitive, felt my good energy and was willing to not go to lunch immediately so she could help me out. All that to sure I’d be on the next flight to Philly and in first class, to boot!

I arrived at 7:30 pm instead of 4:44 pm, no biggie. Notice the angel numbers 444. I had several flights to choose from when I originally booked my flights and picked that flight because I know the power of angel numbers. 

The angels were right there with me, taking care of me!

This is the kind of stuff that can and will be happening more and more as we continue our ascension process. Magic and miracles of unimaginable proportions are possible.

It’s your job to be really clear with your intentions, work your energy field, trust and believe it’s possible because it is! 

I share this so you too can lean in more and more to Spirit. They have your back! Expect the magic and miracles on steroids and they will be delivered!