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Manifestation of a Dream home in less than 24 hrs!

Two weekends ago my client, Polly, participated in our Plant Medicine Ceremony. She got lots of great insight and healing that day. Her biggest takeaways were radical responsibility and that the struggle is over. Things can be fluid, with so much ease and grace. Polly embodied this to the core. It was music to her soul.

The next day, Polly, hopped into her car and drove 1000 miles to Bozeman to start a new job that she was thrilled to have landed. This was a new adventure and new chapter but… she didn’t have housing lined up.

Upon her arrival she was met with, ‘Oh decent housing is so hard to find here now. When you do find it, it’s super expensive and no, I don’t know anyone. Sorry but good luck.’

Polly was really desperate. I sensed that and we connected. She said, ‘I’m 180° on the opposite end from the guidance I got in the ceremony.’ I gave her a pep talk, reminding her that we can play in the 5D now, manifest easily and quickly from the quantum. I reminded her to use her tools.

Polly was in a much better place when we hung up. She grabbed her drum, tuned into her heart, into Spirit as well as the land spirits. She asked for their permission to be there, and for their help and guidance to find her amazing home. She prayed, visualized and felt it in her heart the perfect home she desired. She expressed much gratitude.

Home Manifested less than 24 hrs. later!

….And literally at noon the next day, she called to say that the PERFECT home had manifested into her reality!  It was all that she had wanted! Everything on her checklist was checked off!

She was over the moon, so grateful for her new home, Spirit and that I’d reminded her of her own power! I love to do that with my clients!

Yes, you have the power to create anything you desire! This is the 5D energies that we are moving into as the new earth births, making manifesting much easier. But beware, it goes both ways: negative or positive.

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P.S. - Spontaneous, last-minute Plant Medicine Ceremony with Dreamtime Church, October 2.

Send me a DM or email if you are keen to experience this magical medicine. It’s the last one of the seasons up in Eldora.