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Do you know what it’s like to have someone believe in you 1000%?

Dreamtime Healings has existed for over 12 years. To be of utmost service to myself and clients, I have done so many hours/days of personal development and invested thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars into it.

They’ve been led by coaches or teachers, either 1:1 or in large groups. I’ve gotten something, a golden nugget from each but I never really got the support, handholding and guidance I needed.

I had felt a bit stuck for the past year and kept praying to Spirit to bring into my orbit somebody who could help me make a much bigger impact with Dreamtime Healings. With 20 years of being on my spiritual path, I wanted to bring in ALL my wisdom, knowledge and experience that I have gathered, to help empower my clients.

Well, that happened about two months ago when Rebecca Jane showed up on my Instagram feed. Thank you Spirit! It was my strong intention and I kept visualizing it in my 3rd eye.

The magic happened as it does, and Spirit brought her to me!

What I have received for my investment in working with Rebecca is beyond anything I could have imagined. The big difference is this she is my mentor, not my coach. This is where the difference between the two shows up in a way that I didn’t fully understand until being in this process with her.

A mentor is there 150% for you, to support you and guide you stretch you, so that massive transformations can happen. She is my business mentor so everything we are doing is related to my business.

But of course, we are all interconnected so when I’m being stretched within my business, it builds confidence in other areas of my life.

A mentor calls you out on your stories, on your crap, not wanting to leave your comfort zone, and doesn’t let you get away with the self-sabotaging that the ego loves to do! I have felt so uncomfortable at times because of the way Rebecca stretches me but once I get used to the stretch, everything gets easier.

One of the biggest joys of having a mentor is the cheering on, the daily support, having somebody who truly believes in you 1000%. Just that is worth every dollar of the investment. They can see what is going on through an objective lens, see your full potential and hold you to it. Wow!

It is like nothing else I’ve experienced in all my years of doing personal and professional development. I am so grateful I said yes to mentorship!

Partly because of my amazing experience, my new program, Thriving Empath/HSP is a mentorship-based program. It’s here to help the disempower Empath/HSP who might be feeling some of these or all of them:

~ Self-worth that is hiding under a rock

~ Not standing in your own power

~ Not able to take full responsibility for your life,

~ Feel so deeply but can’t grasp what it’s all about

~ Have non-existent boundaries and the list goes on


If this resonates with you, send me a DM or email. There is help and support just around the corner for you.