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Stillness Point is the Access to Acceleration

Do you feel like there is never enough time to get it all done?
Are you running around, doing this, doing that, that you barely have a moment to take a deep breath?

Do you fall into bed each night exhausted?

The patriarchal culture that we live in, is all about go, go, go, give, give, give and is not interested in the balance with the feminine. However, we all have a divine masculine and divine feminine side within us. To feel good in our body, we need to be tending to both aspects.

Because we are so programmed to do, do, do, action, action action, it can be hard to slow down, take a break, receive, nurture and nourish. It can literally feel like you are going through withdraw! You might even feel guilty. What?! See how programmed we are!

The mind will keep reminding you of all the things you should be doing instead of going quiet, going within, taking a nap, meditating or being in nature.

As an Empath/HSP (highly sensitive person), it’s doubly important that you take quiet time to go within on a daily basis.

Like anything new, we bring into our lives, it takes some awareness to break the old habit and embody the new one. But only good things will come by you taking the step to creating a really good balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

And if your mind needs a carrot to dangle before it, remember this: the stillness point is the access to acceleration. Slow down to speed up.

The more you slow yourself down, make time for meditation, a walk with nature, time for reiki, more sleep so there is more dreamtime, the more Spirit can share and guide you.

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Commit to yourself today that you will create quiet time/downtime daily. Consider it an act of self-love and self-care.

It’s in this place, as Empaths/HSPs, where you can discover and easily tap into your unique gift.

Remember, you aren’t highly sensitive just because! Deep within you have got something amazing that we need right now as the new earth is birthing!

If you want to dive deep into discovering and bringing your gift into full service to help others, then my new program, Thriving Empath/HSP could be for you. Send me an email or DM and let’s chat more about it.