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Thriving Empath/HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)

Changes are in the air with Dreamtime Healings. It’s been a long time brewing. I’ve been working with an amazing business mentor @iamrebeccajane to create something new with my healing practice. It was birthed this past weekend and what is emerging is a very exciting model of working with my clients.

I’ve worked with empaths/HSPs (highly sensitive people) for over 12 years. I have witnessed the same issues over, over and over again that are so common for the empath/HSP.

Some come to me and don’t even know they are an empath/HSP. When they learn the characteristics so many light bulbs go on.

Others know they are but have been shamed all their life for it and so they try to stuff it under the rug and wish it would go away.

Others embrace their sensitivity but still haven’t fully mastered how to stay in their vibrant energy 100% of the time.

Many come to me because they know they simply can’t carry on any more with the way things are going. A little voice within says,

’Something needs to change.’

As we dig in, it’s apparent that they are crap at holding boundaries, don’t feel safe being an HSP/empath, can’t speaking their truth, attract relationship after relationship with narcissists, get plowed over by other people’s energies, suffer from overwhelm, anxiety or depression, or all of them. Ugh.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Having a tool kit at your disposal with many different ways to help you come back into your power, heal trauma (the root of it all) and be free from all the blocks it creates.  Embodying to your core that you matter. Your desires matter. Your needs matter. Holding strong, healthy boundaries that support your well-being. Courageously sharing your truth. Trusting your intuition and following its guidance. Compassionate and loving with yourself. Confidently being your sensitive self.  It really can be your reality.

In the near future, I will stop working with clients just for healings. I’m shifting into my Thriving Empath/HSP program.

This is for the person who is ready to do the work, make the changes and take full responsibility for their life. With my healing gifts, mentorship, daily support and my extensive experience of working with empaths/HSPs, together, we will bring about profound healing, amazing transformation, freedom and joy of being your highly sensitive self in all her/his glory.

And the cherry on top, most empath/HSPs have a special gift. I’ve seen it over and over with my clients. You aren’t sensitive just because. Your sensitivity is a gem that can be of utmost service to yourself and to help others. In Thriving Empath/HSP, we will uncover it and build your confidence to bring your gift/s out of the closet and be of service.

If this is sounding juicy to you, send me a DM or email to chat further.