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A Much Needed Message From Your Body

By August 18, 2021Healing, Reiki

Recently I heard this channeled message that came through for Dawn Smith. There is so much wisdom and love in this message that I wanted to share it with my community as I’m sure many will benefit.

Dawn asked her body, ‘What do you want me to know?’ and this is what she received:

Please love me.

Please show me some kindness and respect.

I’m doing the best I can to heal from all the stress and trauma you’ve gone through. I’m here for you. I’ll do anything for you. Please breathe and smile more. Try to be happy, really truly happy and joyful.

I want to do all the things you want me to do and to look the way you want me to look. It will take some time for me to heal all of my systems from years and years of nonstop stress, anger, grief, pressure, judgment, criticism and neglect.


Please be patient with me

Please love me

Please rest

Please breathe

Please be mindful

Please be happy


Your judgments and criticism have been constant for years. I love you and I want to do everything you want me to. Please just love. 

Just let me have a chance to heal and recover by just being and allowing me to rejuvenate. We need each other.

Please love me.

I was bulimic for 10 years and hated my body. I really wanted to stop puking and so at age 26 I finally managed it. However, that was just the start of it. I then spent the next 10 years healing the emotional trauma of self-hatred that was the root of why I was bulimic for so long.

I’m happy to say that I love my body now. If my ego says something nasty to my body, I’m quick to ‘Cancel, Clear and Delete’ that thought, give my body a hug and say, ‘I love you.’

The patriarch has dictated how our bodies should look for 1000’s of years. That we are somehow less if we don’t have the perfect, slim body, no wrinkles or grey hair. You know exactly what I’m talking about! It’s time to put a stop to that. We are all different sizes, shapes and colors and we are beautiful and lovable.

Home Play

Please love your body. 
Print out the message above and put it somewhere you can read whenever you are being mean to your body. 

Body love is so key to our expansion and growth. It’s our temple. Let’s treat it that way. 

If you need support, send me a DM or an email via Dreamtime Healings contact page and we’ll set up a Spirit Reiki Healing Session. 


Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash