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Wowza, Epic Plant Medicine Ceremony

Towards the end of ceremony, we created a Mandala of Gratitude in the shape of a heart. It was an offering to Spirit, nourishing them with love, gratitude, and reverence for all that the medicine brought in for us.

Last Saturday, as the Lion’s Gate and the new moon energies were building up to their apex on Sunday 8/8, we had yet another epic plant medicine ceremony! I knew there were going to be potent energies but once again, it was off the charts.

Now, that doesn't mean it was amazing from the get-go.

Plant medicines dive deep into our subconscious and bring to the surface things that we have hidden away knowingly or unknowingly. It can be intense at times. However, when we surrender and accept what is showing up, so much can be healed, transformed, integrated and loved.

Healing the Wounded Masculine

Having been under the patriarchal rule for 1000’s of years, women and men have been programmed and affected in different ways. During the ceremony, the medicine opened the doors for a major healing around the wounded masculine within us all. It was so intense and dark at times but there was much surrender, acceptance, and forgiveness…oh the magic and healing that birthed from it.

Part of that too were the women finding their voices and being given opportunities to hold really strong boundaries.

Divine Masculine Activation

Once the heavy lifting was done, I was called to eye gaze with one of the men. Spirit brings through activations this way as I drum and sing light language at the same time. This went on for about 25mins. It was so intense, extremely high vibration that was channeling through me.

The message for Derek was, ‘We honor you. Please receive this.’ and he was asked to be a walking embodiment of a  well-balanced man in his divine masculine so other men have permission to follow his example.  Wow, that is a tall order but I have no doubt Derek will bring it forth beautifully.

And part of all of this was creating an interconnectedness of the masculine and feminine so that we work in unison, not power over one or the other. All this healing was for ourselves and for the collective.

Intense, potent, healing, heart-opening and epic are the words to describe our day. I was completely spent after 6 hours of the ceremony but so worth it! The shares by the participants afterwards was so heart-warming: core wound healing, higher consciousness, clarity, awareness, the connection between each other, self-love, sense of community, togetherness, support, being witness and vulnerability, weaved with love and gratitude. What a way to spend the day!

Home Play

If you’d like to join us for our last ceremony up in Eldora on Sept. 11.

Send me a DM, text or email so we can find a time to chat and share more.