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Random Acts of Kindness

By August 4, 2021Reiki

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, for example:

1. Someone ahead of you in line pays for your latte
2. Someone walks by you and hands you a delicious piece of chocolate
3. You open your mail box and there are a few hundred dollars sitting on the top.
4. Someone offers to carry your heavy suitcase up a flight of stairs.
5. Someone offers to give you a ride home when you are out walking and get caught in the rain. 

It feels pretty good, doesn't it!? Those are just a few that I have been fortunate to have experienced! The few hundred dollar bill one was extraordinary!

Giving and sharing kindness is what we humans need more of in these intense times we are in. The more it’s modeled, more people can experience it, feeling how good it feels to receive and feel inspired to give, passing on the kindness. 

This is an invitation to see if you can include at least one, hopefully more, random acts of kindness each week.

Home Play

Try and do at least one act of kindness this week.

Draw from one of the 100 suggestions on the list above or just create your own.

Whatever it is you come up with, you will brighten someone’s day!