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Reiki to the Rescue!

By July 28, 2021Healing, Reiki

The power of Reiki does it yet again!

Yesterday morning I heard a loud thump against my bedroom window. I thought, ‘Oh no, that was a bird.’ It was so loud I thought for sure I would see a dead bird on the window ledge but I didn’t.

However, when I stepped outside 10 minutes later to water my flowers, I spotted a bird just standing nearby. I knew it was the bird that hit the window.

She didn't move at all when I got close to her.

So I scooped her up in my hands and started doing Reiki on her. Her eyes closed and she relaxed into my hands. I say ‘relaxed’ as I also thought maybe she was going back to the light. She really whacked herself into the window.

I could feel her heartbeat oh my fingertips. I kept sending her so much unconditional love through the Reiki energy, praying that she passed easily or received the healing energy to eventually fly out of my hands.

I took my shoes off so that Mother Earth could channel through me as well, bringing all the healing energies possible through for her.

It took about 20 minutes of calming, nourishing, and loving her with the Reiki energy. I opened my hands.

She opened her eyes, looked at me, even pooped on me twice! 😁 The bang on her had caused some feathers to go into one eye. She let me gently ‘pinch’ them out so she could have clear vision.

She sat in my hands for another five minutes and then simply….. flew off into the nearby tree! 💜✨💜


That put a smile on my heart for the rest of the day. Love the gentle yet potent healing Reiki energy!

Home Play

Many of you have learned Reiki with me or with another.
I’ve heard from past students that they just forget to use it!

This is your reminder to use your Reiki hands on yourself, on your beloved, your animals, your home, your workplace, and even on wild animals!

If you haven’t learned Reiki, your warm, loving, good-intentioned hands can be most effective too.

Spend the love through Reiki!

And Reiki can be done remotely too, just as powerful!

If you are in need of some unconditional love to help you heal, like the bird did,  send me a DM to set up a remote Spirit Reiki Healing Session⭐️✨⭐️


Photo by Aleksander Fox on Unsplash