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For about two years, I’ve been asking Spirit for a pipe. I wasn’t sure where or how to get one. It’s revered as a very sacred object, especially within the Native American culture so buying one online didn’t feel in alignment.

I trusted it would show up in the perfect way, in divine timing.

Since being in Taos, I made my prayer for one a bit louder and two weeks ago, it appeared! A gentleman who participated in one of our Plant Medicine Ceremonies here in Taos invited me to come to his meditation room and gifted me a pipe! Wow, I was so touched and overwhelmed with reverence.

I tuned in to the spirit of the pipe and asked what was the first step. The guidance was to bless and activate it on Friday, the day before our Plant Medicine Ceremony. And so we did!

Kathleen, the owner of the land where we hold the ceremony, Sarah, one of the assistant ministers of Dreamtime Church and I sat on the mountain and followed the guidance of how to proceed.

First, it was to be adorned with rose petals, a marigold, blessed with sacred water, encircled by blue and yellow cornmeal and the bowl to be filled with organic tobacco.

We spoke our prayers for love, joy, the divine feminine in her power, a beautiful balance between the masculine & feminine, peace, harmony and balance with Mother Earth, her animals and people of all races.

Then I lit the pipe and we all smoked it, allowing the smoke to take our prayers to Great Spirit to be fulfilled.

Our Plant Medicine Ceremony the next day was off the charts and I have no doubt that the pipe blessing, activation, and prayers played into that!  The spirits sang through me for over an hour, vibrating me to the core. It was so beautiful and potent, a very high vibration to help activate the divine feminine energies and anchor in her powerful, strong presence.

Wow, I’m in awe, gratitude, reverence, and humbled by the magic of Spirit.

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Setting intentions and make prayers can be very potent especially when they are accompanied by a ritual of some sort.
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