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You are Not Here to Bring the Light… BE the Light!

BE the Light!

I share this beautiful message above as a wonderful follow-up to last week’s newsletter. The channeled consciousness and message that came through me during our Plant Medicine Ceremony was to BE the vibration, not to Do the vibration. I was guided to BE the energy of balanced feminine and masculine, just BE it, and let it emanate out.

No action, no DOING required, just BEING.

I’m sure you have heard this quote many times: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ That simple sentence is full of so much wisdom.

However, the ego likes to judge, shame, feel more important than others, be a victim, etc. Instead of looking outwards, externally, and pointing a finger or criticizing (the favorite hobby of the ego!), this is an invitation to turn your gaze inwards and simply BE the light, BE the energy, BE the compassion, BE the love to help make the change within yourself first.

As you ARE the light, the vibration emanates out into the world.

People feel energy whether they know it or not. Be the Light and you will feel and sense the difference in the way others interact with you.

Home Play

It takes practice, like creating a habit. Bring the focus back to you and from there BE every so bright!

Play with it.
For example, when one of your more challenging colleagues or family members comes towards you, radiate so much light from your heart.
When you go into the supermarket, be the light, shine your heart, your whole essence so bright and observe people’s interaction with you.

It’s quite fascinating to see the shifts!
Play and have fun with it!