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Summer Solstice Plant Medicine Ceremony

This is part 2 of Bears, Cave, Blue jay Feathers and Ritual. Just a quick recap: Spirit asked me to do a ritual in a cave, at night, with a female assistant and the only indication of what the ritual was about was… to birth consciousness! The rest would be shown to me in due time.

On a hike looking for the cave, I almost bumped into two bears! Since bears hibernate in caves, I thought maybe Spirit was showing me that the cave was near where the bears showed up.

If you missed part 1 and want to read all the juicy details, here is the link.


So this past Saturday, I went back up the mountain with my friend Sarah to look for the cave in the bear spotting area. 3 hrs. later, no cave in sight but we found amazing mini vortexes that juiced us up!

Spirit knew what they were doing! When we got home, we joked around that maybe my home was the cave since doing a ritual/ceremony up on the mountain would be a lot of work. It would be much more in the divine feminine energies, less effort-ing to stay put in my home.

Well, that is exactly how it played out the next day! We did a plant medicine ceremony in honor of the summer solstice and halfway through, it became apparent that ritual was beginning. All the windows and doors had to be closed up. My hands started to vibrate and the toning activated.

This lion and I locked eyes and it turned into the portal.

It is a painting from Bali, another potent, sacred land. I eye gazed and toned with the lion for about 1.5 hrs., following the guidance they brought in every 5 mins:

  • Change into your purple dress
  • Put on your Seed of Life necklace
  • Stand in a big pot of Utah saltwater
  • Have Sarah paint your face, neck, shoulders, arms and back with the white clay.
    • on our hike the day before, we collected it when an earth angel appeared on our path and told us the native Pueblo people come up to get it for their ceremony. We knew immediately it had to be part of ours.
  • Make plentiful offerings of honey, rose petals, and corn
  • Drink more water
  • Pour into your hands the sacred water from Boulder Creek blessed and brought back from our plant medicine ceremony 2 weeks ago in Eldora.

All the while, I was toning. It was otherworldly. I didn’t know my voice could go that high. I laughed later, saying I sounded like an opera singer. Sarah assured me I sounded much better than an opera singer!

If you have ever done breathwork or kundalini yoga, you will understand the sensation I had: potent, full-body vibrations coursing through me with the high energies flowing through from the toning and activation.

Then the toning went primordial. My voice went so low.

They were connecting me deeper into the Taos mountain, the elementals, and to the buffalo (the lion shape-shifted into one).

It was all off the charts amazing, nothing like I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to put words to it but I asked what consciousness was birthing through me.

They said it was a vibration coming through to help balance the divine feminine and masculine within me. I could then radiate this new vibration, emanating the light by just ‘being’, and it will give others permission to bring into balance their own divine feminine and masculine. Wicked! I love how Spirit works.

I’m so grateful for my right-hand woman, Sarah Halverstadt. I couldn’t have birthed that without her. She’s been participating in our Plant Medicine Ceremonies for over a year now and has grown in her own right, her gifts, her light and as an acupuncturist/medicine woman. If you are in need of some potent medicine through acupuncture, I highly recommend her:

It was mind-blowing, epic, hard to put words to, and pushed me to new thresholds. I’m eternally grateful to be the channel for Spirit with this new consciousness, to help activate others and bring in this new earth sooner rather than later. Aho and so it is!

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If you’d like to participate in one of our Plant Medicine Ceremonies, I’ll be up in Boulder holding them on July 10, Aug. 7 and Sept 11.

Send me an email/DM to learn more.