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Are You Good at Connecting the Dots?

It’s all about awareness when it comes to receiving guidance and support from Spirit. It requires fine-tuning your intuition and connecting the dots.

We all have different ways of receiving guidance.

For some of us, it’s through clairvoyance: visions, clairaudience: hearing, clairsentience: feeling and knowing.

We can also get physical signs as I shared a few weeks ago when the bears and blue jay feathers showed up for me in the physical form. Wow, that was a biggie!

Here is another example of receiving physical signs and connecting the dots.

I was out hiking in the forest this morning, reflecting on this past weekend’s epic Plant Medicine Ceremony.

I led the ceremony in the mountains above Boulder and wow… so much healing, transformation, aha’s, downloads, deepening friendships and community.

I was remembering that at the end, during the sharing and integration part, one of the participants said she was given hope, reminded that there are some really good men out there. : )

Right at that moment on my hike, I notice a little feather (always a sign from Spirit for me). I was excited about the little one and then I noticed two huge raven feathers! I found two last Thursday as well, on the day of the eclipse! And then 1 minute later on the trail, I spotted the heart rock that is featured in the photo!

Connecting the dots

When I get signs from Spirit like this, I tune in immediately to what I’m was just thinking, ( good men are out there), what my current intentions are (to meet my amazing, awake, conscious, romantic partner) and then I connect the dots.

Two raven feathers; they are about magic. Two = a couple and it’s the 2nd pair of raven feathers I’ve found in less than a week.

My take from connecting the dots is: Spirit is reminding me to keep the faith, heart open, my man is coming!

Home Play

Now it’s your turn!

Pay attention to the messages coming to you via
repeating numbers
an earth angel
Mother Nature
unusual activity by animals/insects
and so many other creative ways Spirit brings them in.

Notice how they synchronicity align to your thoughts at that moment, your intentions, and then connect the dots.

Remember this takes practice. It’s like developing a muscle. You don’t go to the gym 3x’s and expect to be fit. It requires daily commitment for the awareness muscle to grow strong.

It’s so worth it. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of things and helps expand your trust that you have all you need and more.

If you want to go deeper and learn more, join me for Mentorship.

Photo by Helen Knight