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As the saying goes, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ I’ve been asked quite a number of times if I would teach others how to lead a Cacao Ceremony but it was never the right moment. Well now is the right moment!

I’ve created a 3-week intensive on the basics of leading a Cacao Ceremony:

~ opening and closing prayers,
~ holding space for others,
~ ceremonial songs and music,
~ guided mediation,
~ all about this heart medicine: Ceremonial Cacao,
~ and leaning into Spirit more and more… that means trusting on a whole new level!

This is a very hands-on, experiential program. You can’t learn how to lead a ceremony by reading a book. I will lead you through a Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Journey, giving you an opportunity to see what and how I do it. During the Shamanic Journey, you’ll be invited to ask the Cacao Spirit for guidance on the best way for you to lead your Cacao Ceremony.

Then it’s Your Turn!

There is no point in learning all this and not put it into practice to bring this wonderful gift of ceremony to yourself and others. The grand finale is leading a Cacao Ceremony. You will have received all the tools, guidance. and encouragement to pull this off!

Create your own signature Cacao Ceremony with whatever you like. Ceremonial Cacao is so versatile. It can be combined with yoga, meditation, yoga Nidra, ecstatic dance, kirtan, shamanic journey…whatever lights you up.

My relationship with Ceremonial Cacao has developed into serving cacao with another medicinal plant medicine. The ceremonial cacao ‘highlights’ the other medicine, which are both heart medicines. It’s amazing to see how the Ceremonial Cacao works so synergistically.

Can’t wait for you to experience the magic of the Ceremonial Cacao in the way it shows up uniquely for you and your ceremony!

+ Mentorship

For those that want more, I’ve created 1:1 mentorship in addition to the program. This will be private sessions with me each week to dive much deeper into creating, trusting and leading your own cacao ceremony.

I’m so excited to be with my first group of students to see what you all create. Who knows how this unfolds.

I might have my students then offer their cacao ceremony to my whole community. OMG, how fun and collaborative would that be!?

Home Play

Start date is Thursday, July 15 for 3 consecutive weeks, via Zoom.
I love that we can be an international group, people joining us from all over.

***Energy isn’t limited to time or space so doing ceremony online is just as potent as in person. ; )

Click Become a Cacao Priestess for more information
and/or to sign up.

Please send me an email or DM if you want to hop on a call for more information.