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Blood Full Moon Eclipse May 26 at 5 AM!

Are you ready for revelations, epiphanies and endings, especially in regards to your belief systems, sense of freedom and desires to expand?!

Well, that is what this full moon eclipse in Sagittarius is bringing us on Wednesday morning between 2:47 AM MT - 6:01 AM MT!

Are you ready for more change!? Your human might be saying, ‘No’ but your Higher-Self says ‘Yes, bring it on!’

The full moon energy is recognized as a fertile time to let go of what isn’t serving us and an ideal time to plant new seeds of what we’d like to create in our lives.  By adding the eclipse factor in there, it is like having supercharged full moon energies at play!

Specifically, this eclipse encourages us to explore new areas/arenas of personal freedom.

Where do you feel your personal freedom has been limited and how can you change that?

Another aspect is to recall what you were trying to manifest in mid-December 2020 when we had the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius. This eclipse will show us the fruits of our labor achieved since then.

If your intentions are in the works, then you might find your dreams finally coming to fruition. If the pieces don’t feel like they are coming together just yet, this eclipse will give you opportunities to course-correct.

Wahoo, so let’s make the most of this potent energy that the stars and the moon are bringing us.

Home Play

Today and Wednesday, take extra time to meditate, get out in nature, cleanse yourself in a stream or Epsom salt baths and/or smudge your home and yourself. 

Do whatever feels nourishing to align with your intentions. 

Increase your awareness around the revelations, epiphanies and endings that could manifest for you.

Considering setting your alarm for 5:00 AM MT as it’s so worth seeing the eclipse and to bathe in all its potent energies.

FYI, you will need to get your binoculars or 300mm camera lens to see the moon really well.

***The full eclipse will be at 5:18 AM MT***

***And remember, the effects of an eclipse play out for 6 months!***

~ words inspired by Shereen Campbell