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Trust Fall Into Spirit

Can you lean back and fully trust that Spirit will catch you?

Over the weekend I led another plant medicine ceremony in the Boulder area, that was so magical, filled with energies of growth, expansion, lessons of holding healthy boundaries, and the trust fall.

What is a Trust Fall?

It is when you stand on a ledge of some sort, often blindfolded and fall backward into the locked arms of a group of people that are there to catch you. Talk about TRUST!

I personally have never done a trust fall but at this weekend’s ceremony, that is what the medicine brought in for us metaphorically …to lean back, trust, fall into the ‘void’, into Spirit and Spirit will always catch us.

With my move to Taos seven months ago, it required me to embrace a huge ‘Trust Fall’ and of course, Spirit caught me. I got a bit of a breather and then another up-leveling of trust was asked of me.

I’ve been sub-leasing a lovely home up on the mountain, near the Taos ski resort, for 7 months but the lease is up today. It’s totally magical up here and I wanted to stay in this area. Housing is challenging to find as many people are moving into the area, causing a real shortage of nice homes.

So I prayed, prayed, and prayed some more.

I talked to Spirit, to the elementals, to the Taos mountain spirit, asking them to all help me stay on this magical land. I am submerged in nature, forest, sunshine, silence, and beauty which all help support me as a healer, shamaness, and with the ascension process.

Out hiking one day, I met my neighbor, Brian. We introduced ourselves and I shared with him that I was looking for a new home to move into on May 19, ideally in this area. He said he’d keep his ears open for me.

One week later, literally, he reached out to say that his renter unexpectedly announced that she was moving out, did I want to rent his place?!

I asked, trusted and Spirit pulled through, yet again! It’s two doors down the road. Today is moving day, into my lovely new abode! I’m perched on the edge of the hillside with amazing views of Taos mountain and of the valley – stunning!

See what happens when you really lean into Spirit, tell the mind to shhhhh, Spirit always catches you!

Home Play

Now it’s your turn!
Where are you being asked to do a Trust Fall?

Take a deep breath, lean back and know that you will be caught by Spirit!

If you need some hand-holding in the process, reach out to set up a private Spirit Reiki Healing Session and/or join us for our online Cacao Ceremony on the 23rd.

Photo by Helen Knight