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Happiness Chemicals & How to Hack Them! Bring on the Joy Vibes!

With all the intense energies that continue in our world, I thought a few hacks to happiness is just what the healer ordered!

We have four main happy chemicals.

There are things that we can do to consciously activate them so they stream through our bodies, bringing on more of the feel-good feelings. Let’s bring it on!

Dopamine - the reward chemical

~ successfully completing a task, especially one that has been on the To-Do list for quite some time!

~ Do self-care activities, like get a healing, take a nap, give yourself permission to say ‘no’

~ Eat food – extra reward points for eating very high vibe foods, like cacao!

~ Celebrate wins, no matter if they are little or big

Serotonin - the mood stabilizer

~ meditation

~ exercise: run, walk, swim, cycle

~ sun exposure

~ walk in nature

Oxytocin - the love hormone

~ Play with a dog, cat, kids

~ Hold hands

~ hug

~ Give a compliment

~ drink ceremonial cacao

Endorphin - the pain killer

~ Laughter exercises

~ essential oils

~ watch a comedy or listen to comedians

~ eat dark chocolate – oh yes, says the cacao priestess!

~ Exercise

Home Play

Try doing one from each list each day and let your happiness levels soar!

Speaking of which, we have a Cacao Ceremony with Shamanic Journey coming up on May 23, 10-11:30am.

That means lots of love and happiness activation with the medicine of cacao and potent energies to help manifest what you want right now.


Photo by Helen Knight