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Manifestation Meditation

Let’s take the quantum leap into what you desire.

Recently I have learned a new, fun way to play in meditation to help manifest what you really desire. I’m calling it Magical Manifestation Meditation. You know that I love playing in the realm of magic!

A KEY aspect to making the quantum leap into creating what you desire is to get the head & heart aligned: SEE & FEEL.

How to do this:

Once you are in meditation, start to visualize what you desire. This gets the head/mind activated. Now to get the heart involved, FEEL the emotions of what you want to feel when your intention comes to fruition.

To amp this up, ask your spirit team to give you a magic potion. Remember your spirit team is here to be of service. They only want the best for you.

Ask them to serve you a magic potion or potions. It’s your imaginary space so you can have 1, 2, 3…20 spirit helpers lined up that each hand you a magic potion to drink.

What color is the magic potion: pink, gold, blue, rainbow? There is no right or wrong.

What is the magic potion helping you manifest?

~ Drink a magic potion for excellent health – see and FEEL yourself as the vibrant being that you are.

~ Drink a magic potion for prosperity – see and FEEL yourself in the prosperous version of you

~ Drink a magic potion for joy – see and FEEL yourself with a grin from ear to ear, cartoon hearts popping out of your heart, dancing, being playful!

~ Drink a magic potion for inner peace – see and FEEL your whole nervous system in 1st gear and the scenario that feels 100% peaceful.

~ Drink a magic potion for clarity – see and FEEL with bright idea bubble over your head and peace signs emanating from your heart.

Each time you drink a magic potion, imagine yourself with end results of what you are desiring.

Feel the passion, creativity, joy, satisfaction, enthusiasm, fulfillment, self-love, bucket loads of gratitude, freedom, etc.

Home Play

Remember, when we are in the quantum field,
there is no difference between our imagination and the ‘real’ world.

It’s all the same that is why this can be soooo powerful!

You see in your 3rd eye and feel in your heart whatever brings you delight and let the Universe deliver the goods in the magical, creative way it does!

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Photo by Kirk Kringel