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Healing With the Element of Water

Last year, I was told in one of my plant medicine ceremonies, that with my move to Taos, I would help bring more water to the area. I didn’t really understand that but last week it became clearer.

I had a divination session with the Kontomble, the Little People, guardians of Gaia.

They gave me very specific instructions on how to create an ocean shrine on Taos mountain and said this would help bring water, amongst other things.

They explained that it would bring about tears for anyone who came and sat at the shine. The salty tears would bring the ocean energy, which would bring the cleansing and ultimately water to this area.

The best part is that through the crying, clearing of grief, and healing of the ancestors, JOY will reign…Joy and water in the high desert of Taos, yes, please!

Working with the Water Element

Water represents our emotions, the subconscious mind, divine feminine energy, fluidity, versatility, transformation, adaptability, mystery, receptivity, creativity, openness, fertility, healing, psychic abilities, magic and alchemy = infinite possibilities!

The water element reminds us to be receptive to change and transformation in order to adapt to different environments. This is perfect for what we are all going through right now.

Home Play

On a practical and day-to-day basis, we can use water to help us release, heal and manifest.

For example, when you take a bath, shower, go for a swim in a lake or creek, let the water wash off any energies that aren’t serving you and that aren’t yours.

Another fun way to work with the element of water is through our salty tears.
They are an excellent conveyer of spiritual intention.
You can dab a few on any ritual items, use them in potions or apply them as anointing.
Just remember that the emotion you felt upon releasing them, whether it’s love, joy, sadness, grief, and laugher, will become part of your ritual.

The water beings are called the Undines.
Call on them to help you learn, grow and expand through the water element.


Photo by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash