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From 1-10, How do You Rate Your Self-Compassion?

Compassion is a word we hear a lot of these days. Compassion for others, for the world, for different scenarios but when it comes to self-compassion, that is where the heels often dig in.

The ego/mind/personality says ‘No, no, no!’

The inner critic can get really loud and give you a hard time, not forgive, self-pity (victim energy), kick you down, feel less than, beat you up, etc. That is the opposite of self-compassion.

Let’s play in the world of self-compassion.

Start with connecting with Spirit/Source/Divinity/God. Just a reminder that is not out there, but within you, loving you unconditional.

Self-compassion sounds something like this:

  • ‘I give myself a hug, just like I would a friend who was in a challenging situation.’
  • ‘Through these experiences, I’m learning to be more KIND to myself.’
  • ‘Wow I have gone through a lot yet I’m still here.’
  • ‘This is an opportunity to open my heart more to myself.’
  • ‘I got through that one, wow!’
  • ‘I am benevolent, warmhearted, tenderhearted with myself.’

As you move from victim to VICTOR, this is fully embodying the essence of self-compassion.

1. Compassion is the catalyst that creates amazing things, i.e.: Healing! If you have been sick, as your self-compassion increases so will the speed at which you feel better.

2. As you learn and choose to be compassionate with yourself, the more magical things come out of the blue, and synchronicity that make your life so much more joyful.

3. Compassion is the energy that eliminates fear.

Home Play

This is not a ‘flip of a switch process. It takes awareness and commitment to fully embrace with Self- Compassion.

It is very rewarding and so worthwhile to leave behind the victim energies and become victorious within yourself.

There is an expression: As iron sharpens iron, so does one person/situation sharpen another.

Say out loud to yourself:

  • In light of what I am going/have gone through,  I give myself a warm, long, gentle hug of self-compassion.
  • Instead of being the victim of my circumstance, I’m kind to myself and know that I will come out of this as a victor.

Can you see how you been sharpened lately?

Feel yourself into a different light:  magical, healing, transformative energies of self-compassion.

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~ words inspired by Kryon, channeled by Lee Harris