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Joy Orgasms Please!

By April 7, 2021Reiki

What is that you might ask! Recently, in a healing session, Spirit brought through a wonderful metaphor, asking my client to raise her joy factor when she was feeling off/down/lonely.

In other words, to bring on the Joy Orgasm!

They showed me an image of a very soft deer pouch hanging from her belt and asked her to share all the things, big and small, that bring her joy. I jotted them down so she’d have her list and could keep adding to it, for example:

1. being social via phone, zoom, or in-person

2. running

3. getting massages

4. spending time with her kids

5. bathes with Epsom salts and essential oils

6. cooking and enjoying the benefits of high vibe food

7. flowers

8. listening to inspirational podcasts

9. meditation with her angels


All these goodies are now in her soft, deer pouch ready for her to reach her hand in whenever she needs to increase the joy factor and bring on the Joy Orgasm!

What is in your Joy pouch?

Home Play

Make a list of the things that bring you joy,
put them in your soft, joy pouch and
make sure you have at least one joy orgasm a day!